Manhattan ACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering an after-school academic enhancement program for math, ELA, computer science, and public speech to K-12 students. Our courses include contest math, contest writing, debate, contest computer programming, and SAT/ACT preparation, etc. We teach the skills necessary to tackle challenging concepts in a safe and supportive setting, emphasizing critical thinking and strong communication. We strive to help students reach and expand their potential, and maintain a focus on diversity and inclusion. Under-represented groups are included through offerings of free classes to students from low-income families.

Our Mission


The mission of Manhattan ACE is to help students reach the highest levels of academic achievement, to support their right to intellectual excellence, and to create a diverse community of learners united by their passion for success.

​Meet Our Team

Manhattan ACE is run by a team of professionals enthusiastic about teaching with high ethical standards and competency.


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