Head Teacher

Ms. Meggie teaches writing for grade 2 - 8 students. With a MBA in finance and a bachelor's degree in computer science, she has been working in Wall Street for more than 15 years. She also taught high school students early in her career.  


Lead Teacher

Ms. Boyland currently is a sixth grade Language Arts Teacher at a middle school in New Jersey. She has had the privilege of working in a public school system for many years and has established meaningful connections with students and faculty, which ultimately helped her to discover her strong passion for teaching English. Whether it is teaching students how to write about what they read in an argumentative essay, or providing support to those experiencing problems in academic or social situations, she knew she found her path. Ms. Boyland graduated from Rutgers with a Masters in Reading Education with a Reading Specialist certification and Supervisors certification.


Lead Teacher

Mr. Byykkonen teaches intensive reading for students in grade 6-8. He is currently teaching ELA as the lead teacher at a notable charter school in Minnesota. He has Bachelor degree in Science, English Major – Speech/Theatre Minor from Northern Michigan University. He has been teaching middle school ELA for over 20 years. 



Lead Teacher

Ms. Chowdhury graduated with a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on literacy in 2013. She is currently a third grade teacher in Minnesota. She has been teaching third grade for seven years. Prior to teaching third grade, she taught fifth grade. 


Lead Teacher

Ms. Lynch graduated from Rider University with her degrees in Communication and Education and later earned her Master's Degree from Rutgers University. She is also a certified Reading Specialist. Mrs. Lynch has been teaching for 10 years and has taught grades 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8, specializing in Middle School ELA (Reading and Writing). She is currently teaching 6th and 7th grade ELA and Literacy Support at a middle school in New Jersey.


Lead Teacher

Ms. Parsons teaches intensive reading for students in K-1, grade 2-3. She currently teaching Grade 3 ELA as lead teacher in a renowned public school in New Jersey. Ms. Parsons has Bachelor of Science in Psychology and K-5 teaching certification from Rutgers University. She also holds a master degree as a Reading Specialist and a Supervisor certification from Rutgers University. Ms. Parsons has been teaching ELA for K-5 students over eight years. 

Ms. Maione

Lead Teacher

Ms. Maione graduated with a Bachelor in Arts and a Bachelor in Science, double-majoring in Spanish and Childhood Education. During college, she studied abroad in Mexico and Chile to be fully immersed in the language and cultures. She lived in Spain for years and obtained Master's degrees in the United States. She has over 10 years of teaching experience, currently teaches ENL in Long Island, New York, and tutors Spanish online. 


Lead Teacher

Mr. Chen received a Master of Engineering and Master of Science in Canada and an MBA in Finance in the United States. He has been awarded the “Outstanding Teaching Awards” for several years. Working as a math instructor and private tutor for a number of years, Mr. Chen excels at explaining complicated mathematic principles and formulas through simple terms and visuals. This method helps to facilitate a deeper understanding of abstract concepts, which has been highly preferred by students. 


Lead Teacher

Mr. Hua has been engaged in the field of physics for many years, from undergraduate to doctoral degree, and to Visiting Scientist at the Center for Theoretical Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Later, he joined the financial industry inevitably. With years of teaching experience in contest math, he concluded that the ways of approaching a problem are more important than the number of problems completed.


Lead Teacher

Mr. Shi is an associate professor in a research university in the US. He started to participate in math competitions in 3rd grade in China. He was the winner of national and international math competitions, including Silver Medal in Chinese Mathematics Olympiad, Silver Medal in Bulgarian Mathematics Olympiad, multiple times 1st place in National Math Competitions. With the honors, he was early admitted to a well-known University in Beijing, China. After graduation, he studied in the US and received his Ph.D. in Applied Math as well.


Lead Teacher

Ms. Zhu teaches math for students in grade 9-12 including Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus. She is currently teaching grade 9-12 grade math at a prominent public high school in New York. She has a Master degree in Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor degree in British and American Literature. Ms. Zhu has 30 years teaching experience and holds following New York state public teacher certificates: Mathematics 7-12, Bi-Lingual in Chinese Mandarin, English to Speakers of Other Languages and Special Education.