English Reading and Writing

Grade 2-3 Reading/Writing

Students will be expected to read chapters of a selected book and meet weekly with the instructor through Zoom class. 

Grade 4-5 Reading/Writing

Reading comprehension with a weekly written response course is designed for students in Grade 4 and 5.

Grade 5-6 Reading/Writing/Presentation

This class is targeted towards students in Grade 5/6, who want to tackle not only reading and writing, but also presentation skills as well. 

Grade 6-7 Reading/Writing

This course will train students in Grade 6/7 in book reading and response to literature. 

Grade 8+ Essay Writing

Personal Narrative Essay writing is common in high school. This class will prepare students for...

Grade 2-8 Intensive Writing

The instructor is specialized in writing homework editing. Students will be in the lessons group...