Our ELA program includes Intensive Reading, Structure Writing and Competition Writing. Maximum eight students in each class. 

  • Intensive Reading: K/1. grade 2/3. grade​ 4/5, grade​ 6/7 

  • Structure Writing: grade 2/3, grade 4/5, grade 6/7

  • Competition Writing: grade 3/4, grade 5/6, grade 6/7


Fall 2020


3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Novel Study

Students will be expected to read chapters of Wild Robot before each class, this is a wonderful book about survival and friendship. Students will meet weekly with me through Zoom to hold a literature circle/book club.  Through each session we will learn reading comprehension skills by using the book, students will have the opportunity to grow their oral Reading Skills. 

9/8-12/2, 1hr each lesson, total 12 lessons

2nd Grade Reading
Students will form a guided reading group where students will read a book with instructor on their level and work on their comprehension skills. Skills to be taught fluency, sequencing, retelling point of view, main idea and supporting details, nonfiction text features, phonics, etc. 

9/8-12/2, 1hr each lesson, total 12 lessons 

G4/5 Intensive Reading + Writing 

Ms. Chowdhury is an ELA teacher with 10 years of G3-G5 teaching experience. She holds a Master's degree in literacy. She designed G4/G5 reading comprehension with a weekly written response.

Total 14 lessons, 1hr each lesson

G6/7 Intensive Reading & Writing 

In this intensive reading class, Ms. Boyland provides a list of a few books for everyone to choose from. She leads a junior high school intensive reading class to train the students on their intensive reading and critical thinking skills. 

Total 12 lessons, 1 hr each lesson

Structural Writing

Ms. Meggie's teaching style is creative and interactive. Other than 6 traits and writing techniques, Ms. Meggie focus on the structure of each writing form. In addition, she also teaches some of grammar topics, such as building effective sentences and paragraphs.  Ms. Meggie pushes the students patiently by editing their writing multiple times. 

All the students who enroll in this writing class are also required to enrolled in tutor's grammar course for a completed grammar training with lower costs. 

G2/G3, G4/G5, G6/G7, total 12 lessons, 1.5 hr each lesson

Tutor Grammar course 10 lessons, 1hr each lesson