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Manhattan  ACE offers a variety of tutor programs for K-12  students including math, ELA, public speech/debate, and more. The tutors are all from the top high schools in New York City, and have been interviewed and trained to guarantee the premium quality of work. Classes can start as soon as six students are enrolled. We are actively looking for qualified tutors. Apply below and join our community. 

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Achieve 3000 is a well-known platform. When students are taking tests, the question of why the correct answer should be selected arises. The Buddy System is designed to solve this problem. Students of similar reading levels agree on a class time. Tutors will lead the students to analyze the passages and review comprehension questions. 


Many schools don't have intensive training on grammar and usage. Often, students write "He is a man who is very ambitious." Writing "He is ambitious" is more straightforward and concise. 

Some topics covered include:

  • Rules of Usage

  • Principles of Composition

  • Words and expressions commonly misused

Lessons can start once 6 students, with similar grade levels agree on a class time.


Our math programs covers the Singapore Primary Math US Edition, and Challenging Word Problems. 

Lessons can start once 6 students, with similar grade levels agree on a class time.


Charles started to learn chess at 5 years old. He became the NY State champion of his age group at 6. Since then he has won multiple individual and team titles at the city, state, and national levels as a scholastic player. He’s also been actively playing in open (adult) tournaments for 8 years, winning countless money prizes. 
His latest achievements include the 2018 Queens Chess Club Champion (the youngest ever in the club’s 100+ years of history), and the 2019 World Open Under 13 Champion.


The objective of the program is to prepare students for the Science Bowl contest in middle school. 


Students will read short stories ranging from 5-8 pages in length. Tutors will lead students to analyze the reading on different levels such as character relationships, plot development, and enhance critical thinking. 


The class is designed to help students overcome the timidity of speaking in public. Basic skills for public speaking and debate will taught, such as the structure of an argument, and rebuttals. 

Our tutors are highly experienced students, ranking in many renowned competitions. 

Lessons can start once 6 students, with similar grade levels agree on a class time.


The objective of the program is to help students get started with programming. Python is a beginner friendly language but it remains widely used and is very powerful. The concepts that are taught will also be applicable to any other language. The course will be as hands on as possible, completing several projects such as a Hangman game and Sudoku solver in order to reinforce the concepts learned.


The objective of this class is to help students be as well-prepared as possible when taking the SAT/ACT. Students will be taught test taking strategies for all types of questions as well as the skills necessary for the exam. By the end of this class, there should be no surprises come exam day. The focus is going to be on doing as many practice questions as possible. Homework will be assigned after every lessons, aiming to reinforce the lesson, and provide extra practice material. 


We strive to provide high-quality educational opportunities to students from Title I Schools. We partner directly with these schools to teach the students. The program includes reading and math.