Contest Math

Pre Algebra

AOPS Pre Algebra is fit for students who are fluent at mixed number operations. 

Intro to Algebra

AOPS Into to Algebra is targeted towards students who have completed a Pre Algebra course. 

Intro to Number Theory

AOPS Intro to Number Theory is geared towards students who can skillfully solve linear equations and manipulate multi-variable expressions.  

Intro to Counting & Probability

AOPS Intro to Counting & Probability is good for students who are comfortable solving linear equations and manipulating multi-variable expressions.  

Intro to Geometry

Intro to Geometry is directed towards students who have completed Intro to Algebra.

Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra is aimed towards students who have completed Intro to Algebra. 

Math Thinking for Budding Minds

This course starts with logical speculation and introduces concepts such as pigeonhole principle...


This course prepares students for AMC8 and other middle school-level math contests. 


This course develops students' knowledge for AMC 10 and other middle and high school-level math contests. 


This course advances students to become AIME qualified. 


This course is designed for outstanding students in AMC10/12 and AIME contests. Targeting...