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Elementary Writing


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Elementary Writing


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This course is designed for students who are interested in sharpening writing skills.


Course Outline:

Class 1: Read articles and review how to take notes. Review how to find good websites. Choose 1 topic students want to research and become experts in.
Class 2: Read articles to find the main ideas. Have students make a claim about their research topic.
Class 3: Read more articles/re-read articles to find details/reasons to support the claim. Add supporting details to claims. Write the thesis statement.
Class 4: Review how to use quotations in writing. Write 2-3 body paragraphs, with reasons/details to support the claim. (Topic sentence, details, explanation, concluding sentences)
Class 5: Write the introduction paragraph, including the thesis statement. (Topic sentence/hook, general information, transition sentence)
Class 6: Conclusion Paragraph (Topic sentence, review main points, counterpoint (if time), ending thought)
*Each class will consist of peer editing and sharing at the end of the class about what they wrote during class.


Additional Information:

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