Our math program includes competition math and math enrichment. Maximum eight students in each class. 

  • Competition Math:

  • AMC8

  • AMC10

  • AMC12

  • Mathcounts

  • Math Enrichment:

  • Singapore Math

  • AOPS Pre-Algebra

  • AOPS Algebra

  • Common Core Algebra I

  • Common Core Algebra II

  • Common Core Geometry

  • Pre-Calculus


AOPS Pre-Algebra & AOPS Algebra

Mr. Chen, awarded an outstanding lecturer in a Canadian university, is good at motivating students' interest in mathematics, visualizing boring formulas and theories, using intuitive graphics and simple stories to explain profound mathematical principles. He encourages students to first express the understanding of the mathematics concepts, he then guides them and corrects them. Thus, he builds up students’ self-confidence through problem solving. He teaches pre Algebra to students as young as 3rd Grade. His youngest Algebra student is 4th Grade.

Class meets once or twice a week. Each lesson 1.5hr, total 24 lessons