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Class Policy


Tech Requirements:

  1. Students need a pc with a working microphone and camera. Ipad or mobile device is not recommended to join the class.


  1. Students will attend all scheduled classes in a quiet learning environment.

  2. Students shall not be late to class, nor should they leave early without reason.

  3. Students shall remain in their seat and not get up without permission.

  4. If, for any reason, a student cannot meet any of the above expectations, they will inform the teacher and explain the issue.


  1. Students are expected to turn their cameras on during Zoom lessons all the time so that teacher can see and interact with students. Three warnings will be given to those who turn their cameras off before being removed for the class.


  1. Students should refrain from talking casually.

  2. Students should be prepared to answer questions and participate in discussions and activities.

  3. Students should not be on separate unrelated tabs or window during a lesson.

  4. No private chatting between classmates during session.

  5. Mute mic unless students have teacher's permission to answer question or ask a question.


  1. Students need to complete all assignments prior to the lesson if any.


  1. I understand that all the classes at Manhattan ACE Inc. are Zoom based. By reading this agreement, I understand that

     my child will be using the Zoom platform for classes, and give Manhattan ACE permission for the classes to be recorded.

 2. I give permission to Manhattan ACE to publish photos/images of my child on the Manhattan ACE website and/or

     electronic newsletters. In granting this permission, I understand that Manhattan ACE may use photos/images/videos

     of my child for the purpose of education, celebrating and/or showcase events.  I further understand that, my child’s

     name or other personally identifiable information will NOT be used with any photo/image/video.




  1. 学生需要准备一个麦克风和镜头都工作的电脑。不推荐用Ipad 或手机上课。


  1. 学生必须在安静的学习环境种参加所有的预定课程。

  2. 学生上课不要迟到早退.

  3. 学生上课期间没有允许不要擅自走动.

  4. 如果学生因为任何原因无法达到上述要求, 请与上课老师联络并解释。


  1. 学生在Zoom上课期间必须一直打开相机, 以便老师可以看到学生并于学生互动。如果不大开相机,



  1. 学生应避免随便说话。

  2. 学生应准备好回答问题并参与课堂讨论。

  3. 学生上课期间不应该在电脑上做跟上课无关的事情。

  4. 上课期间不允许在Zoom私信聊天。

  5. 除非老师允许,学生保持麦克风静音。


  1. 如果有功课要在上课之前完成功课。


  1. 我知道Manhattan ACE的所有课程都是在Zoom上进行。通过阅读本协议,

     我了解我的孩子将通过Zoom上课, 并授予Manhattan ACE录制课程的权力。

 2. 我允许Manhattan ACE,出于教育,庆祝,或展示的目的,在网站和或电子



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