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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy


 1.  All refund requests must be received in writing via email

 2.  Please allow up to 10 business days for your refund to be processed

 3.  Refunds are typically issued in the same form of payment as the original payment

 4.  No refund/credit for missing classes

 5.  15% penalty if cancelling prior the class start date

 6.  25% off if cancelling within 24 hours after the first lesson,

      including the first class tuition

 7.  No refund or credit after 24hours after the first lesson

 8.  No refund or credit for fees at or less than $10/class


 1.  所有退款请求必须通过电子邮件以书面形式收到

 2.  退款处理需要 10 个工作日

 3.  退款通常通过原始付款方式进行

 4.  缺课不退款/信用

 5.  报名付费后在开课前要求退费的,收取学费的15%作为手续费。

 6.  开课后,第一节课后24小时内要求退费的, 收取学费的25%,


 7.  第一节课结束后的第二天开始, 不再接受退费要求。

 8.  对于收费低于$10/课(包括$10/课),不接受任何退费要求。

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