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Nonfiction Reading

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This course is designed for students in Grades 2-6 who wants to lay a solid reading foundation for nonfiction essays. In this course, we embark on a journey to enhance your reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, and overall literacy proficiency. Through engaging and adaptive content, Achieve 3000 tailors lessons to your individual needs, ensuring a dynamic and effective learning experience. Get ready to explore thought-provoking articles, enhance your vocabulary, and reach new heights in your academic journey. Let's unlock the power of literacy together with Achieve 3000! Weekly assignment will be provided.

这门课程为教练课程,由学校选出的优秀高中生/大学生带孩子们来练习精读短篇小说。2-6年级分别选取不同的文章,由浅入深。在这门课程中,我们将踏上一段旅程,提升你的阅读理解、批判性思维能力和整体识字水平。通过引人入胜且适应性强的内容,Achieve 3000定制课程以满足你的个性需求,确保一个充满活力和高效的学习体验。准备好探索发人深省的文章,提升你的词汇量,一同在学业征程中取得新的高度。让我们一起解锁Achieve 3000吧!

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