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Manhattan ACE strives to provide high-quality educational opportunities to low-income students. We partner directly with schools to reach those students. Students are paired with high school and college tutors with excellent academic know-how. We aim to ensure that all students have access to crucial academic support and guidance. We offer a variety of programs ranging from reading and writing to math problem-solving, computer programming and more.  

Sample programs are as follows:

1) Reading Program for Grade 5:

This 10-week program will give students opportunities to interact with thought-provoking literature work as they develop their reading, writing, oral communication, and critical-thinking skills. Through the curriculum, students will practice skills such as organizing details, drawing inferences, analyzing characters' motives and finding the main idea of a passage. The program's emphasis on discussion and interpretation will allow students of different levels to participate in the activities, grow their abilities, and enjoy the challenging literature.

Max class size: 6



2) Common Core Math

This 10-week course is based on the 5th grade Common Cores math. Homework will be assigned and graded after each class. This course will keep students eager to learn and challenge their minds.
Max class size: 6

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