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Reading & Writing

Grade: 6

Ms. Crow

12 Sessions

3/14/2024 - 06/07/2024

Class Size: 5-8

Reading & Writing

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This course is designed for students in 5th and 6th grade. It will focus on reading comprehension as well as high level analyzing skills. A writing-only class is also provided by the same instructor. Weekly written homework will be given and edited.

本课程专为 5年级和 6 年级的学生设计。它将侧重于阅读理解以及高水平的分析技能。老师会修改每周的书面作业。

Course Outline:

Learn about theme
Learn about “Again and Again” and “Aha Moment” Signposts
Introduce writing assignment
and work on writing draft #1
Revise drafts:
Choosing good text evidence
intro & conclusion inverted triangle
attend to individual comments/suggestions from Mrs. Lynch
Final Revisions
“Tips to Elevate Your Writing”
WoW Signpost
Discuss “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”
Assign prompt & model writing prompt
Revise Writing
Including quotes AND narrowing down quotes/ choosing quotes wisely
FANBOYS (Comma Usage)
Final revisions of writing
Review “Again and Again”
and “Words of the Wiser”
Start “The Ravine”
Tough Questions Signpost
Read & Discuss “The Ravine” - how the author connects literary elements (such as character and setting)
Assign & model writing


Additional Information:

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