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AMC8 2024 Level 1


Dr. Hua



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AMC8 2024 Level 1

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We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our AMC8 Preparation Course - I. This comprehensive course is designed to equip students with the essential skills and strategies necessary to excel in the upcoming AMC8 exam in January 2025.
Duration: 20 classes in total
Coverage: All major areas in Algebra, Counting and Probability, Geometry, and Number Theory
Structure: Each class will focus on a specific topic, with in-class practice and homework assignments
Homework Review: All homework will be thoroughly discussed in the following class and graded, with the answer key provided for reference
Our dedicated instructor is committed to providing a stimulating learning environment where students can engage with challenging concepts and develop their problem-solving abilities. By participating in this course, students will not only enhance their mathematical proficiency but also gain valuable insights into problem-solving strategies tailored to the AMC8 exam.
Enrollment is now open, and spaces are limited. To secure your child's spot in the AMC8 Preparation Course - I, please complete the registration process at your earliest convenience.
We are also excited to announce that AMC8 Preparation Course - II and III will continue in the summer and fall, respectively, offering further opportunities for continued growth and development.
We look forward to embarking on this enriching mathematical journey with your child.

我们很高兴启动AMC8备考课程 - I。这个课程是为准备挑战2025年1月AMC8比赛的学生而设计。 课程旨在教授让他们在比赛中取得卓越成绩所需的基本技能和策略。
现在开始招生,名额有限。为了确保您的孩子能够参加AMC8备考课程 - I,请尽早完成注册过程。
AMC8备考课程 - II和III将在夏季和秋季继续,为持续的成长和发展提供更多机会。

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