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Elementary Writing(Descriptive+narrative)


Ms. Maione



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Elementary Writing(Descriptive+narrative)


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Tailored for students in the 3rd to 4th grade range who are eager to enhance their writing skills, this Elementary Writing course focuses specifically on the descriptive and narrative forms. The curriculum has been meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for effective written communication within the realm of elementary writing. Participants will actively immerse themselves in activities and lessons aimed at refining their ability to vividly express ideas, craft engaging narratives, and convey information with descriptive flair. By delving into the worlds of descriptive and narrative writing, students will cultivate a diverse skill set, not only boosting their academic capabilities but also fostering a lifelong appreciation for the nuanced art of effective communication.


Course Outline:

Class 1: Read articles and review how to take notes. Review how to find good websites. Choose 1 topic students want to research and become experts in.
Class 2: Read articles to find the main ideas. Have students make a claim about their research topic.
Class 3: Read more articles/re-read articles to find details/reasons to support the claim. Add supporting details to claims. Write the thesis statement.
Class 4: Review how to use quotations in writing. Write 2-3 body paragraphs, with reasons/details to support the claim. (Topic sentence, details, explanation, concluding sentences)
Class 5: Write the introduction paragraph, including the thesis statement. (Topic sentence/hook, general information, transition sentence)
Class 6: Conclusion Paragraph (Topic sentence, review main points, counterpoint (if time), ending thought)
*Each class will consist of peer editing and sharing at the end of the class about what they wrote during class.


Additional Information:

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